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JWT Surface Design

Magic for your surfaces …

Jessie Willow Tucker
Position of privilege, 2017
Vintage chair fully reupholstered,
digital sublimation printed polyester furniture suede
Dimensions 109cm(H) x 69cm(W) x 65cm(D)
Photo by: Tim Gresham

Want your bathrobes to whisper
to your wallpapers
all night long?

Want signature bedding that
wraps you in the colours
of your own dreams?

Want undies that secretly
match to your new
lounge textile design?

JWT Surface Design is the work of Jessie Willow Tucker. After years of experience in textile
design for high volume manufacturing Jessie has developed
the skill for designing for professional large quantity delivery of soft furnishings through
to sleepwear with the sensitivity and honed eye of a practising visual artist.
Contemporary or Kitsch, let her create a visual language that binds your project together and
wraps the inhabitants of a space into the emotion and tone of your curation…

Large scale hand painted wall art to the perfect tone for a napkin, Jessie’s skills move across the spheres allowing for an overall harmony for all your projects and signature feel
for all your visual endeavours.

JWT Patterns

The examples below are all Jessie’s own work. Contact her using the form below to talk about making printed wallpaper or textiles or painting directly onto your walls, floor, furniture or windows.

JWT Wall art

A little bit about Jessie

Self portrait with purple rinse, new glasses, rainbow third eye and Instagram filter. Should I take up a career as a guru? I can make stuff mean stuff.

You can see Jessie’s professional CV here.

More details of her Fine Art practice can be found here.

Let JWT help you make some magic happen on your surfaces and in your space.
Use the contact form to start the conversation …


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